Digital Marketing – It’s meaning

As the word goes, digital marketing is the digital form of marketing through digital media. It started in the 1990s when computers were becoming more and more popular along with the advent of internet. In the early 2000s, digital marketing changed the entire way how companies and brands used technology for marketing their products. Since the increasing availability of digital platforms, customers shifted to digital devices like mobiles and computers instead of physically visiting the shops.

However, digital marketing is a wider concept and has combinations of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM),social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, etc. Digital marketing also extends to non-internet accessing channels such as television, SMS and MMS.

Plumbing Industry

  • Plumbing, as we all know, is not just limited to water taps in bathrooms. It includes pipes, plumbing fixtures, tanks, valves and other equipment to transfer fluids. Waste removal, heating and cooling of water and providing potable water supply are some of the important uses of plumbing. A plumber is a professional in these areas and carries special tools needed for such operations.
  • The plumbing industry holds a major portion of the market in the United States and has been a growing sector. The plumbing market is very competitive as most of the things have shifted to online. New companies have emerged with each one trying to outdo the other.
  • It is expected that the plumbing industry will grow enormously up to 14% in the next 10 years. It is estimated that only 10% of Americans still call up their old plumbers when needed whereas 90% of the young generation search for services online. It makes the search much faster and less expensive. There is no hassle for physically visiting the store and requesting the plumber to have a check in your house. The online process makes it much faster and easier.

Need for digital marketing

  • Most of the plumbing services in the United States have websites where they provide all their details and also the instruction on how to contact them online. This actually caters to a much wider range of customers across the city or state and increases their exposure.
  • The customers can get a detailed idea about the company’s history, it’s services and also reviews by previous customers. The customers can get a complete understanding of the company without even moving an inch from their houses.
  • The emphasis on digital marketing draws customers matter whatever the situation is. In any weather conditions or even in case of a pandemic like Covid-19, companies will gain customers every second through their website. This will eventually result in the growth of their business.
  • The availability of websites makes it easy for the customers to access the company’s services and do a proper market research using their computers or smartphones. Without this, physically visiting every shop and bargaining for the correct price would have been a nightmare.
  • Even though the service provided by the plumbing companies consists of physical presence of the professionals in your house, the digital marketing of their services makes it easier for both the seller and the customer to benefit from the new technology.

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